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We are currently a tutor centre that implements the South African CAPS curriculum for primary and secondary school. We are in the process of being licensed by the Department of Education. MITRA ALPHA (Foundation Phase) For Grades 1 through 3 we teach We teach numeracy, literacy and basic life skills. Our Alphas are also introduced to educational technologies. We foster a sense of wonder and awe for the world around them through play and storytelling. MITRA JUNIORS (Intermediate Phase) For Grades 4 through 6 subjects include: English, isiZulu, Life Skills, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. MITRA SENIORS (Senior Phase) Grades 7 through 9 subjects include: English, isiZulu, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Technology, Economic and Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. MITRA OMEGA (FET Phase) (starting 2024) Grades 10-12: subjects depend on whether the learner wishes to pursue a South African matric or USA GED. South African matric subjects COMPULSORY: English, isiZulu, Math/Math Lit, Life Orientation 3 ELECTIVES minimum from: Business Studies, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Tourism, Visual Arts. USA GED subjects COMPULSORY: Math, English, Social Studies, Science

2022 Fee

At Mitra Academy your child will benefit from:

  • a 5:1 learner-teacher ratio R30 000
  • a personal laptop R5 000
  • one-on-one coaching R16 000
  • textbooks and software R1 000
  • outings R1 500
  • art and science supplies R1 000
  • aftercare services R13 200
A total annual value of R 67 700. Thanks to a subsidy we are able to offer an annual fee of R36 300 across all grades. PAYMENT PLANS Yearly R36 300 Quarterly R9 075 Monthly R3 300

Teaching Methodology

Mitra Academy is a new kind of learning space based entirely on the SOLE method, created by Sugata Mitra in 1999 and now used around the world. In a SOLE learners receive a “big question” and with their peers find answers by using the latest technology. This encourages a unique and innovative thought process which is essential in our ever-changing world. Mitra learners are equipped to tackle even the most advanced questions and problems. The teachers act as guides and facilitators rather than lecturers.The learners are empowered to be responsible for their own work.

Extra Activities

Mitra Academy encourages its educators and learners to foster their natural talents and interests, as well as share them with each other. This provides your child with the opportunity to engage with a broad range of activities each term. These activities change based on educator and learner availability and include:

  • Tai Chi
  • Coding
  • Media & Content Creation
  • Tours & excursions
  • Community service
  • Creative writing
  • Art History
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Strategy games
  • Puzzles
  • 3D modeling
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Cookery
  • Drawing
  • Fitness
  • Calligraphy

Grades Offered in 2022

In 2022 we will offer grades 1 through 8. - Alpha includes Grades 1- 3 - Juniors includes Grades 4 - 6 - Seniors includes Grade 7 - 8

Class Size

There are no classes at Mitra. Learners are grouped according to phases, and interact with several educators throughout the day. On average, Mitra has a ratio of 5 learners per educator. We have mixed-age learning spaces instead of traditional classrooms. This way, kids learn to mentor and be mentored by one another. This also prepares learners for the world of work where they will be interacting with people of various age groups and backgrounds. The teachers act as guides and facilitators rather than lecturers.The learners are empowered to be responsible for their own work.

Coaching Programme

Mitra’s coaching programme helps learners discover themselves and their worth as persons. They grow in selfknowledge, establish life goals and are self-motivated. Each week, the learner decides on a personal goal and meets with coach daily in order to assess their progress and specify how they can work on it throughout the day.


There are no formal or set exams. Instead learners are assessed when they are comfortable with a concept. This is in line with Sal Khan’s concept, ’teach for mastery—not test scores’. Assessment is ongoing. Learners do regular quizzes for all subjects and every Friday they give presentations on the content they have learnt that week. From time to time, they have more formal tests. In grades 10 - 12 they do all formal assessments required by the GDE.

No Homework

The day at Mitra starts at 7:30 and learners can stay as late as 16:30. This offers them plenty of time to do their work and study. No homework means learners can explore other interests outside of school and families get a chance to spend more time together and not to worry about completing school projects.

Entrance Exam

For grades 1 - 3, we accept learners based on space availability. We believe every child has an innate ability to learn. From Grade 4, we require learners to spend a day with us and we assess their social skills and their capacity to work independently.

Leaving Mitra Academy

We will provide you with a formal report and transfer letter.

Give a child a mentor and a computer and be amazed by what they achieve.


Mitra Academy